Empowered and brave public health ecosystems ethically addressing the social determinants of health and achieving social and health equity to co-create a thriving planet immune to exploitation.


We collaborate to strengthen and support public health stakeholders in collaborative efforts to prevent violence against males through research, convening, public mobilization, advocacy and by co-creating transformative learning.


We acknowledge that violence can impact all people and enthusiastically endorse and support the critical work of agencies that respond to and seek to end violence across the gender spectrum. We see these agencies as partners and kindred organizations as we work to respond to and seek to end violence against boys and men.

Statement of Values

Social Justice

Scientific Integrity





Values statement was informed by lived experiences of impacted communities, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The African Banjul Charter, The Center for Public Health Workforce Development, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and other ethically guided literature.