2024 International Conference
on Violence Against Men and Boys

International Conference on Violence against Men and Boys

Insight into Action

June 11-13, 2024

Hyatt Regency Downtown Miami & Virtual 

Registration is open to attend the 2024 International Conference on Violence against Men and Boys (VAMB24) with a limited number of discounted passes for virtual and in-person attendees available through January 31, 2024. VAMB24 moves beyond the traditional conference experience to a highly engaging global convening of thought-leading change agents co-creating knowledge and devising transformative strategies to reduce the profound trauma caused by violence against males. Save the date and secure your spot. 

The 2024 International Conference on Violence against Men and Boys, a transformative public health intervention, is a groundbreaking educational and capacity-building event that seeks to address the often-overlooked issue of violence against men and boys. With a focus on reframing violence as a health issue, this conference aims to equip individuals from the private sector, government, healthcare, social services, and criminal justice with the practical knowledge and skills necessary to prevent and respond effectively to various forms of violence experienced by males.

Through a heightened awareness of the scope of trauma experienced by males, attendees will explore the structural determinants of numerous types of violence and related impact on mental and physical health, educational attainment, criminal justice involvement, revictimization, later perpetration, financial stability, and public safety.

The convening is being offered to individuals and cross-sector nonprofit, governmental and private sector representatives committed to preventing and responding to the harmful social and health outcomes associated with violence against men, boys and male-identifying.

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